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Set of 12 Crochet Hook Letter Reminder Size Markers

Set of 12 Crochet Hook Letter Reminder Size Markers

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Don't loose track of what size hook you are using on your project! Pin these handy markers to your in-progress crochet project so you remember which hook you were using.

Each wooden marker is individually attached to a locking bulb safety pin. They have been laser cut out of birch (approx. 1/8" thickness).

Crochet hook markers include the hook letters D-E-F-G-7-H-I-J-K-L-M-N
It also has the mm hook size engraved

✦ The locking bulb pin fits up to a US 3 (3.25mm) knitting needle
✦ Each marker measures approx. 0.65 inches
✦ No two stitch makers will be alike and will vary slightly from the photos

Please note these are made from natural wood. Variations in the wood color may exist. There may be an occasional small scorch mark on the back from the laser cutting process.
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